Thriving in Recovery.


I am writing this to tell anyone that reads this how Thriving United helped save me from myself and my addiction and helped me make my life manageable again. I am I am so grateful to God for the people He put in my life. The Recovery support I have found from people who have been through similar struggles with addiction and found a way out has given me Hope beyond measure. Thriving helped me help myself move forward and enabled me to regain stability and health of my body mind and spirit. I feel inspired, understood, and empowered. I am so Thankful. United We truly THRIVE in Recovery. –Sean Ellis


My Name is Amanda, and this is my story. I hit my bottom on November 4th 2021.I lost my vehicles, my home, my sanity. The final straw was CPS sent my son to stay with his dad 4 hours away from me. I had been talking to a person that wanted to help me, he gave me contact to Thriving United. The woman I spoke to ( Cece ) pump the brakes on my plans and helped me change directions. She sent girls to get me out of the bad environment I was stuck in, and she got me into treatment. I never realized how the internal lead to most of the bad decisions I made in life. Thriving United was there for me during my treatment process with support and encouragement. They helped me get into the Oxford House and picked me up when my treatment was complete. My peer specialist Bianca has helped by helping with the things I get frustrated and stressed out over. Today, I am proud to say that my relationship with my son is better. He is happy that I am better today, and he loves that I have a good job. I am a bis asset to my job, which my job is also an opportunity to help other people who are looking for the same help that Thriving United provided for me. –Amanda Cain


My name is Trenton Hollars, I have about seven months clean and sober, and I just want to take a second and talk about the impact that Thriving United has made in my life over the last seven months. Seven months ago, I was suicidal on the edge of a drug induced depression looking for an out to avoid prison and dealing with the struggle and pain of life I had lost sight of the meaning of life. Through angel haven the benevolence and the support of Thriving United and its recovery groups has showed me a new way to live it’s given me a second chance at life. Without Thriving United intervening in my life and Adam and Garrett helping me decide to make the right decision and go into recovery I would probably be in prison right now if not dead the benevolence of Thriving United has helped me peace together parts of my life financially spiritually Physically mentality and emotionally that otherwise would not have been feasible as seen through countless vain attempts at just about every other program known. Thriving United has given me the opportunity to truly be the man that I want to be and that I am meant to be it is giving me a whole new set of tools to safeguard my recovery through peer support with Bianca I’m given the opportunity to have an outside perspective on the decisions I make and see where I still have unhealthy behaviors. Also having the support of others in this program and friends like Cris and Sean Kristi Renee Victoria Squirrel and Nicole Sam and Jennifer Berry Brian Krystal Charlie and Lynn I have a family that I can call anytime that I have a problem that will show me that I’m not alone and help me with answers especially if the help I need is to help others. In Adams’s house I live in an environment that restructures the way I view family because for the longest time I’ve viewed family as people that are condescending and judgmental but not anymore, my family is large and very caring, altogether Thriving United has shown me what life is all about (living happy and free) enjoying the journey and not worrying about the destination. If it wasn’t for Jenn and Pat putting this together I would have nothing to offer to anyone and then the icing on the cake is that CeCe has finally given me a perspective on the last aspect of my life that I really need to work on my finances my impulsiveness I think that Thriving United angel haven and everything that this program is, is more than just a blessing for this town and this area I owe my life to the people Involved employed and a part of thriving united. –Trent Hollars