TRANSFORM teaches people to free their minds and TRANSFORM their lives by thinking about their mental, social, financial, spiritual and physical well being differently.  TRANSFORM provides practical tools to help people think better so that they can live better. TRANSFORM program successfully hosted a city-wide event called “Easter Brunch at Midland’s Longest Table.” Over 750 Midlanders came and experienced TRANSFORM! We served an amazing meal and the Thriving United name gained notably visibility due to the success of the event. • TRANSFORM now regularly hosts over 60 participants weekly, in person and boasts a social media viewership of over 2,000 views weekly. • TRANSFORM has developed and spear headed the efforts for Thriving United’s first ever Christian Music Festival, “HopeFest!” The event will feature 3 major recording artist and co-produced with the team at the Midland County Fair. This event is designed as Thriving United’s first ever fundraiser. • TRANSFORM has actively sought to cut cost to the program. The program has not only sustained around 26% in cuts but managed to grow despite the financial limitations we are facing as a company. • TRANSFORM has forged Community Relations in a big way. Through our efforts, 40 businesses and 10 major churches have been contacted and educated on the ideas and principles of Thriving United.

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