Peer Support

Hundreds of people each year struggle with marginal illness in the Permian Basin. Our approach meets people where they are, and joins them on their journey by:

  • Using evidence-based practices to provide peer-support programs.
  • Building a forum for service work.
  • Obtaining peer supportive recoveryresidency.
  • Providing opportunities to build trusting relationships.
  • Bridging the gap between people and services by making connections with partners within our community.
  • Serving anyone and everyone with all hurts and habits.
  • Addressing body, mind, and spirit of individuals.
  • Peer support benevolence.

We have seen well over 100 people fully engage in their recovery/enter into long term recovery in the last 4 months.

• We have seen 185 first time visitors to our center in the last 4 months, 92 of which enrolled in peer services.

• We have had 293 people visit our Healing ARM meeting just in the month of July!

• We have given out over 100 chips in our Healing ARM for different lengths of sobriety over the last 4 months, with half of those chips given being 6 months or more.

• We have created over 5 different MOU’s with community partners. Our community has begun to embrace us and what we do and are willing to start working with us in effort to better assist the community we serve!


TU Brochure

TU Brochure

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